dimecres, 30 de gener de 2013

How we work

Videos done by student to show how we work in the aulABP. This videos will take part in the First Mobile Learning Awards (Barcelona 2013). The kind of video is MINUTE LUMIÈRE.

dijous, 17 de gener de 2013

More than four actions

Always is difficult to translate but to translate a LOGO is even ore difficult. The aim of this logo was to sum up the whole philosophy of the new concept of the learning expected in the classroom.

IMPLICA'T = Get involved (i)
GAUDEIX = Enjoy (g)
COL·LABORA = Collaborate (c)
APRÈN = Learn (a)

Which teacher wouldn't be very happy if all this actions happened in his classroom?

A high point in the creation of the aulABP

Over the past few months we have been going through several stages in the process of designing and creating the aulABP. We are now at a point where we can evaluate the progress made. From the reflection and open consensus of everyone involved in it keep improving it.
Now is time to leave aside all the infrastructure and put the whole stress on the methodological inherently adaptation  that requires to work in this class.
You can see a briefly and schematically presentation that summarize WHY and HOW has been done this way.

dissabte, 22 de desembre de 2012

It's done. Let's use it!

After some months of work now what is was just an idea, now is a reality ready to be used and improved.

dissabte, 30 de juny de 2012

And who worked on it?

The aulABP-PBL, as it couldn't see in a different way was planned a a project to be carried on by students. Since April 2012 students start working as a engineers, designers, ... in an school subject called ICT. The proposal was to work under the umbrella of PBL where a challenge was proposed to them. They were conscious of the difficulty of working using this methodology in our old classroom and they had the opportunity to develop a new learning space. The current lay out of the classroom not only doesn't promote mobility and team working but block it completely.

The PBL was to thing, create and develop in 3D a new classroom, called aulABP.  This project mainly consist in:
  • Share a search using  DIIGO concerning to:
    • Physical requirement of the classroom:
      • Illumination.
      • Decoration.
      • Temperature control.
    • Ergonomic.
    • Technology equipment.
    • Pedagogical development of:
      • Learning spaces.
      • Activities to be carried on on each learning space
  • Make a report using  GOOGLEDOCS wiht the whole group information.
  • Model 3D creation with SKETCH UP 8 with the final solution.

At the end of the school time the submit diferent proposals and you can see some of them (only in Catalan)
Project_1, Project 2, Project 3, Project 4

Some pictures of their work.

dijous, 29 de març de 2012

The aulABP-PBL

Sometimes we say that is very difficult to change if it depends only on us or if our surrounding remains as usual. When a teacher has his room, like the last 50 years; his tools, like 30 years and his.... for ever normally it's quite rare to be tempted to change. But imagine that all tools related with this frontal teaching disappear. From the moment you enter in aulABP you don't have neither whiteboard nor teacher table nor fix place for students. The only thing you have is a big room with one IWB, some furniture that students can adapt to work in pairs, small groups, big groups. Together with this layout, of course, each student has his own computer what's means that the situation is out of control totally. Then you, as a teacher, maybe start thinking that: "I HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING". Isn't in this r possible to enter in this classroom thinking that I can do the same as I did until now. NO more!! Is time to teach in a completely different way, using other strategies and probably a new methodology as well. In short time you won't be a teacher to became a coach how will be together with students on it's learning process, helping them and letting them learn as much as they want. AulABP is at the very beginning as now is moment for student to define which layout they would like. Using 3D programs they are developing this part and from other side teachers we're working in methodology and tools. It seams that working with Project Based Learning (PBL) we can achieve this goal but if we combine this methodology with IWB and the software and devices that go together then the success is even closer. Nowadays it's easy to find IWB software that let you to get an instant feedback from students. Tools like smart cameras let you to show not only printed object but models in 3D. The good combination of layout, tools and methodology will change in the near future the way of teaching and what's more important, the way of learning. The following videos show the current situation of our classroom and the space we want to fill with new ideas and strategies.

Our Aula 

The aulABP-PBL

dimarts, 27 de març de 2012

It started in EDUTORI

During a Comenius meeting in Kainuu Vocational College we were invited to visit the EDUTORI classroom. It was a clear example of how can be organized a room in order to promote the use of ICT in education and how ICT is going to change he way of learning and teaching. This new learning space was at the very beginning and now after six months of working, this is what Uppa Marko - Leader of EDUTORI explains about it:

 "The main thing about Edutori is that it is an open learning space where students and teachers can come to use new equipment. There they have support present when they need it. Edutori is like a market place where people talk together, exchange ideas and learn. It is not a place where the teacher only speaks and students sit quietly without doing anything. It is a place of action. We also train teachers there to use the new equipment, not just mobile devices but also IWBs, social media, Second Life, Moodle, Adobe Connect and other things."

 From this idea we start developing our students work to create our own EDUTORI that we call aulABP.